#justwatched – Donnie Darko (2001 dir. Richard Kelly)

(Donnie Darko, 2001 – Newmarket Films)

Donnie Darko is one of those rare films that has the infinite power to keep dragging me back for another viewing even though I’ve seen it countless times – which is frustrating when I am trying to be consistently watching new TV programs and films in order to benefit my up and coming Masters course. Usually I find myself repeat viewing TV I have loved due to the ease of Netflix and NowTv, and yet for this film I ventured into my own DVD collection.

Though I do love it, it isn’t perfect. At points the filmic style clouds the somewhat complex narrative, its pace stumbles between the thin boundaries between horror and psychological drama and if you lose focus for a moment you are bound to miss something valuable. But this can easily be overlooked due to the creepy hypnotic performance of Jake Gyllenhaal and the overwhelming atmosphere that just doesn’t give in. From the first moment it’s hard not to fear for Donnie, for a film so dreamy it feels so emotionally real. My favourite thing about this film is the soundtrack which works on such a critical level, works with camera movements so well and just adds to that dream state feel.


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