#justwatched – Sisters (2015 Dir. Jason Moore)

(Sisters, 2015 – Universal Pictures)

My closest friend Abi convinced me to watch this film last night and it was a pleasant surprise. I’m not the biggest fan of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler’s world of comedy but their films and series have slowly being growing on me since watching Parks and Recreation and I have to admit I enjoyed binging Kimmy Schmidt rather a lot. Though at times it just becomes just about party humour, drunk action and drugs, it’s in the in-between moments that this film flourishes and where the best comedy lies. The supporting cast are fantastic, mainly SNL faces. The highlight was Maya Rudolph, whose character managed to make me laugh every second she had on the screen, her accent and physical comedy was hilarious.

It was an easy watch, it’s forgettable yes but a pleasure to chill to, especially with copious amounts of pizza.



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