#justwatched ET: The Extra Terrestrial (1982, dir. Steven Spielberg)

(ET: The Extra Terrestrial, 1982 – Universal Pictures)

Scrolling through NowTv for something easy to watch, we somehow came upon ET, a film i’ve seen multiple times but Mike said he hadn’t seen since he was a kid when he found it scary. I have never found ET scary but I guess I can see where he got that from, there are elements that do fit the horror genre, but I insisted on proving him wrong.

The stand out factor of this film for me is John William’s Score, possibly my favourite of his, it embodies every emotion and enunciates every poignant moment. I remember watching the audition tape for Elliot (Henry Thomas) and he just flips the switch and becomes Elliot, and this translates throughout the whole film. He’s captivating and he holds the film together, and the supporting cast just shine alongside him, a rarity for child actors. One of my favourite moments takes place when Elliot’s brother Michael (Robert MacNaughton) just wonders and sits in ET’s hideaway in the toy closet; it’s emotional and such a realistic response to loss, it gets to me every time. It’s great how menacing the adult scientists feel, and this is just generated by the lack of face on show and lack of voice, instead all we can hear is the cold beeps of their intrusive equipment.

I feel a bit biased to this film, too emotionally attached to the narrative, hooked on that nostalgic feeling, it takes me back to going on the ET ride at Universal Studios in Florida, I hope they never replace it with something shiny and modern.

Enough Spielberg for now though, Time to watch something new and challenging.


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