#justwatched Halloween (1978 dir. John Carpenter)

(Halloween, 1978 – Compass International Pictures)

This films opening is strong and maintains a great feeling on unease throughout. It’s my first time watching this film, and while I know it is credited with launching the Slasher sub-genre of horror, It’s refreshing to see a horror film that isn’t riddled with jump scares and graphic violence that later slasher films developed, every moment has its place and reasoning. It doesn’t explain why things are happening, instead leaving that for the many sequels. By doing this, it makes the killer all the more scarier, he is without reason. In modern horror I feel like I can predict where the big moments are, horror scores have become predictable, but John Carpenters’ score can begin sharply, it pierces moments without build up or warning. I jumped a lot. That opening shot is brave, executed perfectly and just sets the film off on such a high beat.

I too often neglect the horror genre, so i’m making a conscious effort to watch more – especially over the halloween period. I’ve watched the majority of the classics but there is so much more out there. Also, I’m planning on heading to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios next year, so I want to be fully prepared and aware. I read somewhere that the houses are scarier and more rewarding when you have watched the film.


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