Masters Blog – It Begins.

What a week it has been.

This week I began my postgraduate studies, an MA in Film and Television at Falmouth University. It’s been a strange but great start, I’m exhausted but smiling. The amount of work is high but I’m keen. It’s a wonderful feeling to be surrounded by creative people passionate about what we are doing, all of us keen to get the most out of the year.14407823_10154615619347375_293075468_o

It’s been an odd adjustment not seeing the faces of friends from my previous course, its been like starting fresh but walking round with a faint sense of deja vu of a life once lived. I’m looking forward to a new routine, with my new work schedule finally freeing up the week so I can attend evening events and focus more on my studies.

I’ve started to increase the amount i’m watching Tv and Film, along with trying to write more. I just watched two episodes of American Crime Story – The People V. O.J.Simpson (FX, 2016-), it’s tense, and a nice direction to go in after American Horror Story (FX, 2011-).


 I’ve also just begun collecting fictional books from cinema, my first book is from Donnie Darko (Kelly, 2001) and I have my eyes on a lot of others.

I know the next year is  going to fly by, as last year did – but here it goes…


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