#justwatched Hitchcock/Truffaut (2015 dir. Kent Jones)

(Hitchcock/Truffaut, 2015 – Cohen Media Group)

I’m not feeling too great.  I’ve somehow managed to catch freshers flu despite not venturing out at night once nor coming into contact with a fresher. So, I thought it would be best to light a fire and watch a film i’ve wanted to watch for some time. Hitchcock Truffaut is a text I know well, it’s a great insight into how Hitchcock thought and worked throughout his films, a source second to none. I’ve owned this book since college, it was indispensable – almost the best way to understand the man and his work, other than watching every single picture (which is a challenge I’d like to undertake soon).

Of course, fitting this wealth of information into a 90 minute documentary is a difficult challenge, but director Kent Jones manages to show the highlights with great mix of voice recordings, still images and clips from Hitchcock’s films. However, the greatest thing about this film comes from the multiple interviews with other filmmakers. Hearing David Fincher, Martin Scorsese and others talk about Hitchcock’s process, but not only that, his process on specific films and what they take from each is valuable for practitioners and theorists alike.

There is a moment where Hitchcock’s ability to tell a story through pure visuals is discussed. Through my studies I have always seen fit to explore the use and importance of sound in cinema and how sound can become more important than the image (and should his power should not be neglected/a second thought). However, this week in one of my classes we were challenged in groups to give a sense of story or place in one minute without dialogue. It’s difficult, but has been a fun exercise. Hitchcock sure had a knack for it.



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