#justwatched The Conjuring (2013 dir. James Wan)

(The Conjuring, 2013 – Warner Bros.)

I enjoyed it though it was nothing special. The first 20 minutes were both entertaining and interesting, the jumps were unusual and not predictable . However, as soon as things started to happen in the farmhouse where the majority of the story takes place it became very tedious, I was able to point at the screen exactly when I thought something shocking would happen. But then I think it does a good job with everything else, and I’m also aware that horror has become very formulaic so maybe this just can’t be avoided in 2016.

This film just doesn’t leave much to the imagination, especially in comparison to The Babadook. There are many moments where score just covers something that would have worked better as silence. I just watched a video essay on the Marvel Cinematic Universe scores and how they aren’t rememberable in the slightest. I think it’s the same case here, score just isn’t used well – it masks some great moments that would have worked with just a sound. In one circumstance a ball is thrown from nowhere in the haunted basement. This incident alone is creepy but a sharp rise in the score covers the woman scream and the bouncing of the ball. Trust in the audience to react without always leading them. Experiment.

Thinking about it, I can’t remember many iconic horror scores in the past 16 years other than Charlie Clouser’s Saw.

Again, I enjoyed it. The story was there but there could have been a more organic way to tell it.


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