#justwatched Black Mountain Poets (2015 dir. Jamie Adams)

(Black Mountain Poets, 2015 – Jolene Films)

It was a great pleasure to watch this film, and an even greater one to listen to Jamie Adams speak about the film and filmmaking in general. For me, this film was blissfully refreshing. For the past three weeks I’ve been having inductions and refreshers on equipment of every type, there has been a lot of talk about this lens and that aperture. While this is interesting and crucially vital for filmmaking and any form of film practice, seeing this film rejuvenated the idea that story is key, characters are key. The amount of trust between Alice Lowe and Dolly Wells and their director Jamie Adams is evident throughout, the improv is amusing and natural – everything just feels raw and charmingly relatable.

It’s just a massive wake up call. For the past month i’ve got my mental state wedged in Hollywood cinema and been somewhat neglectful of independent cinema. There is so much great material out there. It’s easy to become cynical and think the greatest period for filmmaking has passed and anything made now is diminished by comparison. This film is a reminder that clever and inventive filmmaking  is still out there, you’ve just got to look beyond Netflix and the box office.


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