#justwatched Misery (1990 dir. Rob Reiner)

(Misery, 1990 – Columbia Pictures)

It takes a talented actress to be able to play such a complex and difficult character as Annie Wilkes in Misery, and yet Kathy Bates does so with sickening ease. Every moment she spends on screen comes a wave of unease and tension, even when she is silent a wealth of information is supplied just through her glazed, dead eye stare. The subject matter is so grim- fandom and obsession are a reality, probably even more so in the age of social media and the internet.

It’s a good film though not one I’d rush to watch again. But if there was something that would drag me back for another viewing, it would be Kathy Bates’ haunting performance. Of all her work in film and television, if you had to demonstrate her tools as an actor to  anyone, you’d chose this film instantly.

I just read about how the director removed the gory parts from the book to “focus on the chess match between an artist and his fan” – kind of sums up the film for me, it’s a power match.



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