#justwatched Krampus (2015 dir. Michael Dougherty)

(Krampus, 2015 – Legendary Pictures)

I’ve been itching to watch this film for a good while, quite simply for its use of practical effects and I love the Christmas/horror blend trend. It’s a fun ride with some good moments, though I was disappointed because the trailer made it seem a lot (and I mean a lot) more darker and scarier, but the film didn’t hold up to that. Sure there were some big moments, the sets are incredible and clever but the tension is not present. This could be down to the fact that I am used to the cast being in comedy shows such as Parks and Rec and The Office. I was saddened that the titular creature is revealed so soon, while the back story is placed strangely in the third act, which almost disturbs the flow. Though the ending is really good and clever, the pace just doesn’t provide the right kick.

I liked it – though American Dad told the Krampus tale better. I hope the Halloween Horror Nights Maze returns to Universal Florida next year so I can walk through it, it looked so great this October.


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