#justwatched The Holiday (2006 dir. Nancy Meyers)

(The Holiday, 2006 – Sony Pictures)

The Holiday is no way near a great piece of cinema, its narrative is flawed quite significantly with potholes here and there, and yet as Christmas comes closer and the same pool of films and songs are unlocked from their yearly slumber – The Holiday is strongly becoming one that demands a repeat watch. One of my favourite things about this film is the score, it is now unusual for Hans Zimmer to work on a score of this tone, and it is one of the most whimsical and uplifting works which is pierced with emotional depth. Of course the film is littered with Christmas songs, Cameron Diaz even sings along to the Killers in a scene thats unashambly noughties. The plot is thin, uncomplicated but what more do you need at christmas. Though there are better Christmas films, no other film has Jack Black singing film scores, Jude Law with a Napkin face, Cameron Diaz driving down a country lane. If you allow as bypass of analytical scrutiny, add a glass of mulled wine and some good company, it bookends a difficult year nicely with warmth and a handful of cringey moments.

In fact, I love how this film explores the role of a film composer if not briefly, Jack Blacks passion for score aligns with mine, score is more meaningful to me than song.


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