#justwatched Moon (2009 dir. Duncan Jones)

(Moon, 2009 – Sony Pictures Classics)

Last week I got the chance to watch Moon (2009) , Duncan Jones’ gutsy directorial debut. Moon is one of those films that I will always return to watch, especially when I’m in dismay with current Science Fiction cinema, which luckily seems to be improving over the years since with films like Under The Skin (Glazer 2013) and Midnight Special (Nichols 2016).

Sam Rockwell’s performance is understated and subtle but this does not tarnish the power he holds when on screen. The world futuristic yet tangible, helped by the real set and the use of models in lieu of overuse of CGI. Duncan Jones alluded to the several homages throughout the film in the Q&A that took place after the film, to other science fiction classics. Sometimes this can lead to producing fog around the narrative thread, but I think Moon avoids this as the story is such a unique blend of complex simplicity that it becomes it’s own thing, a new classic.

It’s audaciously emotional, thought-provoking and does what science fiction cinema should do, reflect humanity. It explores the traffic jam of the future, not just the car. I am looking forward to Mute, Jones’ upcoming Netflix series.

Gerty (Kevin Spacey) also always gets me excited for my future direction of study…


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