MA Week 9 – Flying by

Days are slipping by and I haven’t written in ages. Everything is nonstop, stressful but exciting. We did our final shoot on our student mockumentary short today, I’ve never laughed quite as much as I did today. Also my first proper experience of sound recording on set. Loved it, need to do it more, put that theory into practice. Now onto essays, bring on hand-in so I can have a little break and watch more, consume more, sleep more and sadly work more. Raring to go now – the final push of the semester begins.


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Masters Week Two – Let the work begin

(Adam, George & Ella and the classic P2 camera)

The second week has flown by, the work load has built up. I’m pretty shattered but looking forward to starting fresh tomorrow morning. For the past couple of hours i’ve been putting together a presentation for the coming week, it’s pretty exciting when a reading just clicks and makes sense. I’m just hoping that comes across when I do the presentation.  We had some interesting/fun inductions this week, it’s been useful to have them to refresh my memory on equipment I may or may not have chose to avoid during my BA. But, now I have started editing some work I’m feeling quite confident to try my hand at anything. It helps that everyone is beyond friendly, the easiest bunch to get along with.

Onwards and upwards.


Video Essay-ing

Today I started a project which has been in the back of my mind for a good few months. I have finally begun putting together a series of video essays, the first of which revolved around my BA dissertation – it’s a topic I didn’t want to let go of as I enjoyed the process immensely. What better way to revisit my work then to translate my study into a video that is both informative and entertaining.

I haven’t had much experience editing so it’s already been an interesting experience, it’s been nice to do something practical and to be able to zone out from the real world. I spent my summer living and breathing video essays in my spare time.  The best are short and concise, so it’s my personal challenge to adhere to this, by having a balance of all the information possible while maintaining pace. I’m looking forward to getting on with the process and perfecting it before I release it to the world. Then I can move on with my other ideas. It’s great to have an outlet to reduce stress, and even better that the outlet is somewhat productive. Watching clips from the films I studied just brought that research excitement back to me, I was lucky to come across such an interesting topic. I’m desperate to continue with the topic somehow, but we’ll see.


Masters Blog – It Begins.

What a week it has been.

This week I began my postgraduate studies, an MA in Film and Television at Falmouth University. It’s been a strange but great start, I’m exhausted but smiling. The amount of work is high but I’m keen. It’s a wonderful feeling to be surrounded by creative people passionate about what we are doing, all of us keen to get the most out of the year.14407823_10154615619347375_293075468_o

It’s been an odd adjustment not seeing the faces of friends from my previous course, its been like starting fresh but walking round with a faint sense of deja vu of a life once lived. I’m looking forward to a new routine, with my new work schedule finally freeing up the week so I can attend evening events and focus more on my studies.

I’ve started to increase the amount i’m watching Tv and Film, along with trying to write more. I just watched two episodes of American Crime Story – The People V. O.J.Simpson (FX, 2016-), it’s tense, and a nice direction to go in after American Horror Story (FX, 2011-).


 I’ve also just begun collecting fictional books from cinema, my first book is from Donnie Darko (Kelly, 2001) and I have my eyes on a lot of others.

I know the next year is  going to fly by, as last year did – but here it goes…